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The most complete online guide of Greece’s second biggest city. We hope you enjoy browsing our site, where you’ll find everything you need to know about Thessaloniki. If you’re planning a visit to our beautiful city, this is THE place for all the tourist info you’ll need about monuments, museums, churches. We’ve also gathered for you a list of the best places to eat, drink and go shopping, depending on your wallet. And if by any chance you’re the kind of person that prefers discovering a place on foot, Thessaloniki is just the place for you! Take a look at our walking routes and bus tours sections for more info. Once ready to look for accommodation and make your transport reservations, profit from our booking services and car rent sections for the lowest prices possible. Have fun!


Thessaloniki Seafront

Thessaloniki's seafront has always been one of the most often frequented places, both by tourists and locals. On a clear day, its magnificent view of the sea and the mountain of the Gods, Olympus, will absolutely enchant you... Come see for yourselves! Let's go!


Ano Poli (Upper Town)

Heading north you will discover a totally different part of the city, the Upper Town where time has stood still and the Byzantine history of Thessaloniki invites you to get to know it... Welcome to the Upper Town/Ano Poli! read more


A brief History



Thessaloniki was founded in 315 BC by King Cassander of Macedonia. It rapidly became a very important center and one of the major cities of the kingdom during the Hellenistic Era having its own parliament.

After the fall of the Kingdom of Macedon in 168 BC it became part of the Roman republic and was further developed into an important trade center actually connecting Europe with Asia through the Roman Via Egnatia. Many of the most imposing and well decorated structures were built during the Roman Era of its history as Thessaloniki was...

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Thessaloniki is the city that never sleeps,city of fun, monuments, history and especially the great food.The day and the night offers many opportunities for fun, music for all tastes from traditonal greek up to jazz, and food from the greek mediterranean cuisine and international specialties also. The nightlife begins after 9 pm and continues until the early hours.
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Reccomended Hotels


The Electra’s Palace unique architectural style towers over Aristotelous Square – which is Thessaloniki’s financial, cultural and commercial hub – a reference to the city’s rich byzantine history. It is located very near the most significant sights and monuments of Thessaloniki, just 300m from the White Tower.
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The Mediterranean Palace Hotel is a five - star hotel of ultimate hospitality for guests with high expectations. It is close to one of the most picturesque areas of the city called “Ladadika” and it has a magnificent view of the Thermaikos Bay.
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Porto Palace offers the perfect setting for high standard accommodation and lodging of most successful business and social events. Its proximity to both the city center and the industrial & commercial zones make it an ideal choice for both business travelers and leisure visitors.
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The Excelsior is a luxury boutique hotel located in Thessaloniki center, next to Aristotelous square, right in the heart of this vibrant town. Situated in its original classic and glorious historical building, dating back to 1924. The Excelsior cherishes its past and at the same time gazes into the future, as one of the most prominent small luxury hotels in Europe.
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Conveniently situated on the harbour of Thessaloniki, within easy reach from the city centre, THE MET HOTEL provides outstanding boutique hotel comfort and bountiful amenities for business and leisure travellers.
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