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Alexander the Great Monument (Alexander the 3rd)

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Life and accomplishments | The Monument

Great Alexander Monument

Life and accomplishments of Alexander 3rd

TThessaloniki alexander the great statueIn the area of Nea Paralia, one of the most popular, full of energy places of Thessaloniki you’ll find the monument of one of the most famous and influential personalities of all times. A person that created a legend still heard until today. This is the monument of Alexander the 3rd, also known as ‘Alexander the Great’.

Born in 356Bc in Pella, Macedonia he was the son of King Phillip the 2nd of Macedon and Princess Olympiada whose origin was from Epirus. He had the privilege to be educated by one of the greatest philosophers of all time, Aristotle. Alexander inherited the throne of the Macedonian Kingdom right after his father’s assassination in 336 Bc.

Taking advantage of his father’s crucial financial and military reforms that took place during its reign, Alexander managed to further extend the Macedonian influence to the majority of the Greek city states.

After taking control of the Panellinian League (Greek Alliance) that was created by King Phillip in order to face the Persian aggression, he used some of the most genius strategies and military tactics thus ending up in some of the greatest triumphs in human history.

The battles of Issus, of the Granicus River and Gaugamela are still being studied by historians and expert analysts while they remain an example, a case study concerning the tactics used and their efficiency.

Until his death in 323Bc in Babylon he had already created an enormous empire stretching from Thrace and Macedonia to the depths of Egypt and the Indian peninsula in the Far East. New commercial trade routes were established for the first time allowing an interaction between civilizations that had never met before!

Alexander’s achievements had already set the basis for the era to come…. An age where Greek civilization spread all over the world at an unprecedented level thus influencing science, art and culture. Hundreds of myths and stories were being told about him in many countries while there were several references about him in the Arab, Persian, Islamic, Byzantine and European traditions and art.

Monument of Alexander the Great – Nea Paralia Thessaloniki

TThessaloniki Alexander The Great MonumentThe monument of Alexander the Great is located in one of the most popular areas of Thessaloniki, in Nea Paralia right by the sea. You will easily find it right after the city’s symbol, the White Tower and the Royal Theater, heading east.

It is an impressive, six meters (20 ft.) tall monument that represents Alexander while riding his horse “Voukefalas” (Bucephalus), one of the most famous actual horses of antiquity.

After an extended reconstruction that lasted two and a half years the entire waterfront area of Thessaloniki along with Nea Paralia transformed into a wonderful place, ideal for a relaxing walk, jogging or biking!

Along with your visit to the monument you’ll also have the chance to see the newly created thematic parks and meet many Thessalonians in their daily activities, enjoy your coffee or watch a wonderful sunset!

You will soon understand why the locals love this place so much…

  Many unique findings of the Macedonian dynasty along with priceless artifacts and exhibits are being displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the truly unique, beautiful Macedonian Museum in Vergina.

  While walking along Nea Paralia don’t miss the chance to visit the architectural treasures of Vasilissis Olgas Avenue. You’ll find it without any difficulty as it is parallel to the city’s waterfront heading east towards the Music Hall of Thessaloniki.

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