Friday 20 January 2017


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Pasta Flora darling is a great cafe, with colorful and fancy decor, pleasant environment great menu variety and affordable prices in the center of Thessaloniki
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The fragile bar has undoubtedly become the hot spot of  Thessaloniki as it is the only one located in the roof of an old buidling.
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Spirto (The match) is a nice café bar which stays open until late at night and is ideal for enjoying your cocktail or wine.
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After 18 years, Stretto still remains one of the most lovely places in Thessaloniki due to the lovely atmosphere, the music, the quality of coffee and drinks. A really popular destination for people of all classes and ages.
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Almost 2 decades ago, Bobby Zouboulis gave life to the almost deserted coastal avenue. His creation "Thermaikos" quickly became one of the most polular cafe bars of the city of Thessaloniki! Until today it remains the landmark of Thessaloniki Bon…
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A really nice place, especially for the summer evenings. While impressively decorated it is ideal for a glass of wine or a drink. Although it is slightly overpriced it still remains one of the most popular all day bars. The…
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Mikel cafeterias is the latest addition to the city's coffee culture! Stylish and Colorful, they can be found in many places all around the city centre offering many different kinds of coffee! A really sophisticated experience over the art of…

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