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The wonderful parks of nea paralia in Thessaloniki

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In 2013 an important project was finally completed! The renowned architects Nikephoridis and Cuomo performed a small architectural and aesthetic miracle by creating a single, unified waterfront that is harmonically incorporated into Thessaloniki's urban web!

Twelve beautiful thematic parks along with hundreds of new trees and countless other interventions turned the old Waterfront area into a unique, modern urban space. All these offer a pleasant surprise for most visitors, a surprise that begins to unfold step by step after the historic White Tower.

All the parks were carefully designed and created having in mind demanding architectural and aesthetical standards! Start from the White Tower to the West, head east towards the Monument of Alexander the Great and you’ll meet them one by one… The parks of Music, Water, Memory, Roses, Sound and more!

The entire project quickly turned into one of the favorite destinations for most Thessalonians. Everybody loved it while the majority of the locals tend to enjoy everything Nea Paralia offers on a regular basis! Families, college students, teenagers and small children, they all dig it!

An ideal location that offers the chance to everyone to enjoy your coffee while relaxing, walk around and experience a wonderful sunset, or take part in various sports activities for any taste. When the night falls the entire seafront becomes even more beautiful almost spectacular, like the rest of the city...

thessaloniki nea paralia

Discovering the city on bike

It was no secret that Thessaloniki was far from being ideal for riding a bicycle! The intense conditions in the city center along with the traffic were making Thessaloniki a non-friendly destination for bicycles and a tough choice for every person who loves bicycles!

Fortunately this changed after the completion of Nea Paralia area that virtually transformed the entire coastal front of the city. The single, unified waterfront offered the opportunity for the creation of many miles of new bicycle roads. The transportation to, and from the city center turned into an easy ride completed within a few minutes!

In addition, the new bicycle roads that were also created in the center of city made the use of bicycle a plausible solution as a mean of transportation. During a warm, sunny day the entire ride or even a walk by the sea along Nea Paralia and its parks becomes a real pleasure!

In case you don't have your own bike, don't worry! You can always rent one for you or with your friends as many custom made bicycles are especially made for two or even four persons. Satisfaction guaranteed!

thessaloniki waterfront parks

Photography, jogging, breakdancing, sports and relaxation

Without a doubt, one of the key features of the Nea Paralia project is that it successfully offered a truly open space, full of activities, suitable for everyone.

All those who love photography, dancing or breakdancing, sports and jogging found their common hotspot! A place to enjoy, spend quality time and enjoy the sunset.

Music concerts, artistic events and other happenings take place all the time along with several festivals, like the Annual Book festival.

Spend some time to explore this beautiful location! Cease the day, enjoy your coffee and you will feel the energy and the reasons Nea Paralia is such a beloved destination for both locals and visitors of Thessaloniki!

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