Friday 26 May 2017

Athos full day cruise

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Enjoy the majestic landscape and the magnificent architecture of the historic monasteries and the mainland of Halkidiki. We will depart from Ormos Panagias and cruise by approximately 500 meters away from land.

In our stopover you are going to visit the village of Ouranoupoli while there will be free time for lunch. On our way back we will enjoy some really wonderful traditional Greek music and dance on board.

Line 1

The ships departs from 01 April to 31 October once up to twice a day from the port of Ouranoupolis village that is located next to the “gates” of Holy Mount Athos, according to demand. Departure times are 10:30 and 13:45 (a second cruise on the same day at 13:45 is active from 15/5 to 15/10) and the cruise lasts ca. 3 hours. The ship will take us to the southwestern part of the peninsula and in less than 10 minutes it will cross the sea-borders of the ancient monastic state of Athos.

From there it will arrive in approx. 15 minutes in the area of the first Russian cloister and after sailing by wonderful beaches, it will reach the area of the first monastery, Iera Moni Dochiariou, in ca. 40 minutes. Another 7 monasteries will follow, including the Holy Mount’s central port, Daphni, and finally the monastic cloisters, small villages where groups of monks live in every house under common rules.

The duration of the tour-guiding’s last part is ca. 40 minutes. The ship will return after sailing once again by the last 4 monasteries and, while having one and a half hours spare time until the port of Ouranoupoli, you’ll have the chance to do your shopping on board, discuss your impressions and even visit the ship’s bridge and take photos of yourselves with the Captain.

Line 2

The sailing ship ”Agios Georgios” departs once a day from the port of Ormos Panagias at 09.30 in the morning. It sails next to Sithonia’s bays until our first destination which is the monastery of Saint Paul inside the Monastic State of Athos. From this point and on we’ll have the chance to see 8 historic monasteries until the borders of Mount Athos.

After the little tour of Mount Athos we’ll arrive to the port of Ouranoupoli or the central port of Ammouliani Island (depends by the day) for a stop which will last about one and a half hours so you can go for a walk, drink a coffee, enjoy a delicious lunch at a local restaurant of your choice or just go sightseeing around the area.

After an hour we will depart again for Ormos Panagias which is our last destination. During the trip we’ll enjoy live bouzouki on board so you can dance some really nice traditional Greek dances. Our arrival is scheduled at 17.30.

  Departs daily (except Friday & Saturday) from Ormos Panagias for Mount Athos monasteries

Line 3

The sailing ship “Agios Georgios” departs once a day from Ormos Panagia’s port at 09.30 in the morning. It sails all the way to the small islands that surround the island of Ammouliani. Our arrival there will be up to 11.30 and we’ll have access to many beautiful local beaches. When aboard we’ll enjoy a delicious barbeque while the main meal will be served with meat, salad, rice and wine!

Our departure from the islands will take place after two hours, setting course for the main port of Ammouliani Island. After reaching our destination after half an hour, there will be a break that will last about 1 hour. You’ll have the chance to go for a coffee or a drink, go sightseeing around the area, or just relax on board.

At 15.00 we will depart from the center port and sail to the island complex of Vourvourou for a last dive over the boat, into the crystal clear water! Then we will finally depart for the port of Ormos Panagias with an estimated arrival at 17.00.

  Departs also take place on demand on Friday & Saturday from Ormos Panagias for swimming in Ammouliani Island.

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